Gunki Otachi

A must-have pike lure! The design has been inspired by Scandinavian jerkbaits and is perfectly balanced and easy to work, darting off at the slightest impulsion. Will do anything from minimalist jerking to more aggressive styles. Weighing in at 61.5 g, this slow sinking lure has great casting potential and works best between 0.5M and 1,5M. You can maintain the OTACHI 125 S at a steady depth by changing the angle of your rod as you wind in. The triple hooks are mounted on quality rolling swivels located on the stomach to avoid hook pulls and there is a third swivel for fitting a blade which can often be the trigger when pike are particularly wary.

Action: Sliding / Walking the Dog
Model: Sinking
Weight (g): 61.50
Depth: 0.5-1.5m
Size (mm): 125

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