Salmo Sweeper 17cm

Salmo Sweeper
En ”glidare” som fångar fisk. Sweeper är ett sjunkande bete som är fantastiskt roligt att fiska med. Huggen är ofta spektakulära vilket gör fisket extra spännande.
Sweeper 17cm Sjunkande 97g

Ge betet en knyck och pausa och repetera. Variera tempot. Använd gärna ett spö med en kraftigare topp.

Salmo Sweeper
Salmo Sweeper belongs to a whole new generation of gliders. It glides further to the sides than typical lures of its kind and requires less effort from the angler. Sweepers wide glides and 180 degree turns also cause this lure to “shimmy” its sides, a little quirk that drives predators into a frenzy. The fantastic weak or wounded prey fish action is possible due to the unique shape and perfect balance of the Sweeper’s body.

• In the Salmo line-up since 2010
• Lure type: glider
• Four sizes 4, 4-3/4, 5-1/2 and 6-3/4 ”
• Sinking (SI)
• Polycarbonate “wings”
• Available in a natural (True Image Technology, Holographic Feature Technology) or modernistic colour patterns (Fluorescent)
• Salmo High Density Space-Aged Foam (HDSF) body
• Thru-wire construction welded at the ends
• Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
• Black Nickel VMC hooks
• Split rings made in USA (Rasco)
• Proudly made in Poland

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