3D Maniac Shrimp

3D Manic Shrimp
Combining 3D scanning and 3D modelling in the quest to produce the perfect lure in appearance and swimming action! By scanning a real shrimp and combining it with careful studies of their movements and escape patterns, Savage Gear has been able to create a shrimp lure that looks and swims as real as possible – irresistible to even the wariest predator fish!

The exaggerated cylindrical front legs will make the shrimp “walk” with the typical pulsating movement. The antennae and rear legs add very realistic secondary action to the Lure. One or more pairs of front legs can be pulled off to change the action. Multiple rigging options, Jig head, drop shot, Carolina, Bombarda etc. Superb for both Freshwater and saltwater species!

Manic Walking legs action
Ultra lively moving whiskers
Iodine, Salt and Shrimp scent enriched

Strorlek: 5”
Antal: 6

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