Fox Fork Tail

When you hold the Fork Tail in your hand you instantly notice the slightly stiff rubber mixture and if you then carefully move it by hand the shad starts to vibrate and its tail keeps moving for seconds. This is a particularly attractive behaviour that has great advantages for Drop Shot or vertical fishing. With a softer rubber mixture the whole body would vibrate but the effect of prolonged vibration would be missing - and this is the key factor in the attraction!

The particularly fine grain on the fish-like body gives a perfectly realistic appearance. The Fork Tail rubber fish can be fished with a conventional jig (e.g. vertical fishing) as well as with an Offset Hook (e.g. soft-jerking) and because its belly slit is tiny it does not create problems when jigging.

Additional attraction is created by the inclusion of real fish oil.

Storlek: 18 cm
Antal: 3

Storlek: 13.5 cm
Antal: 4

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