Gunki Grubby Shad

Gunki Grubby Shad
This shad takes on the same large body shape as the GRUBBY GUN with an even larger head to get a better grip on a loaded head. Designed with a large, thick paddle to add extra movement right along the body. The GRUBBY SHAD displaces a lot of water and gives off powerful vibrations. This lure works particularly well when predators will only chase a prey worth catching! Mobile through the water the slightest movement of the rod will set the lure in action. GRUBBY SHAD is now available with new colours that have proved their worth during extensive field testing. Aniseed flavour!

Lure (g): 2.05
Length: 2.4"
Length (cm): 6
Qty/pack: 10

Lure (g): 6.2
Length: 3.3"
Length (cm): 8.5
Qty/pack: 6

Lure (g) 11.4
Length 4.1"
Length (cm) 10.5
Qty/pack 4