Gunki Roller Gun

Roller Gun
A lures rolling action is one of the most powerful triggers for predatory fish. We have worked on the body shape of the rolling gun to make sure that this action starts as soon as the lure hits the water!

Features a long cylinder shaped body with a rounded belly and a thick, heavy caudal section. The dorsal helps to anchor the body helping exaggerate the rolling from the stomach section. The join between the caudal section has been enlarged again to stabilise the lure during long pulls.

The lure gives off longer vibrations than the speed gun. available in 5 sizes from 5 to 13 mm this lure will cover pike as well as perch and zander. And why not try it at sea - bass absolutely love this type of provocative rolling lure!

Storlek: 20cm 57g
Antal: 2

Storlek: 12cm 17g
Antal: 4

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