Gunki V2IB

Our V² range has as its mission to create softbaits that gave off more complex underwater vibrations. The V²ib is our first lure of this type. We have taken the high frequency attractions of a blade and added the beating of a sail which recreates the life like movements of a fin beating. No matter which way you fish this lure it will give off some vibration. A simple flutter in the sail is enough to trigger an attack when conditions are hard. Faster retrieves will create stronger vibrations but these are different to those of classic shad lures which wary fish shy away from on many hard fished waters. By varying your retrieve speeds and animations you can create a host of different vibrations that our tests have shown time and time again to get positive results.

Lure (g): 6.5
Length: 4.1"
Length (cm): 10.5
Qty/pack: 5

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