Illex Dexter Eel

Dexter Eel is the latest addition to our exciting Scream range of baits designed specifically for selecting big predators. This eel shaped lure has certain features of the classic Dexter Shad, in particular the rubber used that is soft but strong and totally impregnated in Nitro Booster shellfish attractant. The swimming action has been designed to give an alternative to classic Shad type lures.

Dexter Eel gives off low frequency waves that can be detected by big fish some distance away. The lure can be cranked fast to cover plenty or water or worked slowly round known fish holding zones. This works well on older fish that will see a slow moving Dexter eel as an easy meal! Originally developed for pike the lure has also proved its worth as a catfish catcher

A 9cm small version of our famous Dexter Eel. Classic eel shape, low frequency vibrations, ultra soft yet resistant rubber and impregnated to the core with our Nitro Booster attractant. This small size is perfect for triggering attacks from all predators but especially perch, black bass and zander. Work the baits fast or slow, linear or vertical- the choice is yours! Teamed up with a Texan rig the lure can be worked over the surface of dense weedbeds or for quickly prospecting round snags like dead trees. The Dexter Eel 90 is great as a trailer on spinner or chatter baits.

Action: Tight Rolling
Model: Floating
Weight (g): 64
Qty/pack: 2
Size (mm): 210

Action: Tight Rolling
Model: Sinking
Weight (g): 4.9
Qty/pack: 6
Size (mm): 90

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