Illex Dock Jiggset

The Dock Jig has been developed as the ultimate tool for discerning street anglers and is already proving its worth in top level competitions. The Dock Jig is at the cutting edge of lure research and technology and will get you takes from all our species predatory fsih. Comes in a range of finishes that have been painstakingly created to mimic prey fish and fool wary and difficult fish. The lure has a silicone skirt which can be adjusted to three different lengths that adds volume and fluidity to the mobile yet subtle gliding action. Our unique jig head is made from non-toxic tungsten and is covered in micro-bobbles designed to let you read the bottom better and to disturb the sediment giving of a slight cloud as it scrapes along. Finally the Dock jig has a “Stand-Up” system built into the design that allows the lure to sit at a perfect 45° angle on the bottom by lowering the centre of gravity to get the perfect balance. This lure is a technical masterpiece, finished with painstaking attention to detail and perfect for all delicate and difficult fishing situations.

Hook: 4
Mode: l Sinking
Weight (g): 1.8, 2.8
Qty/pack: 2

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