Illex Scissor Comb

Scissor Comb
Perfekt till droppshot, texas rigg och Carolina rig

This creature is a work of art in terms of mobility and sleekness. Testament indeed to the skill of Japanese mould makers. A ribbed body with loads of tiny legs are the key to this lively softbait.

Try it on a drop shot or Carolina rig to tempt even the most moody of zander with subtle but continuous rod movements. Set up on a light Texas or microjig the lure will vibrate of its own accord as it drops through the water and once on the bottom it will swing for several seconds after every animation. Bass and perch won't resist this lure for long!

Storlek: 3"
Weight (g): 2
Qty/pack: 8
Model: Sinking
Size (mm): 76

Storlek: 3,8" 97mm
Vikt: 4.3g
Antal: 7