Lunker City Swimmin Ribster

Lunker City Swimmin Ribster
The ringed body style helps the lure to project a bulky appearance, as the outer diameter of the rings defines the lure's appearance, while the substantially smaller diameter of the core allows flexibility impossible to attain in a bait as chubby as the Swimmin Ribster appears to be.

he "fat" front doesn't get torn up easily by jighead or hook, so you can rig it on most any head or wieghted swimbait hook and have a bait that stays rigged straight through the rigors of putting it into the places bass are likley to live. But that chubby front end is also one of the keys to the Swimmin' Ribster's icredible swimming, slithering action. The contrast between the bulk of the front 2 inches or so of the bait and the small diameter of the core in the back half serves to exagerate the kick as the tail rotates and swings side-to-side.

Equally important to its incredible, fish catching action is the full round tail and Lunker City's exclusive "action pocket", which combine to generate a rotation in the tail as it swings wildly from side to side.
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