Nitro Soft Jerk

Nitro Lightning Soft jerk
The Soft jerk Lightning lures have been flavoured with our famous Nitro Booster shellfish attractant. When coupled with a Lightning Head the lure takes on a curvy, gliding action through the water often pulling up to 50 cm in one direction before heading off in the other. It is these long glides then sudden changes in direction which prove irresistible to following predators.

The supple body of the lure flexes on every change of direction adding a natural movement very close to that of a distressed prey fish. The lure has been pre drilled to guarantee that the hook sits in exactly the right position on the Lightening Head. The same semi gliding action can be used to great effect when fished vertically.

Storlek: 130mm 10.5g
Antal: 6

Storlek: 160 mm
Antal: 6

Storlek: 190 mm
Antal: 5

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