Illex Waver Shrimp

For Bait Finesse Method For any kind of rig The Waver Shrimp 2.8" has been designed to imitate a small crayfish or large prawn. This bait is totally realistic both in its appearance and swimming action. Developed for ultra light rigs the Waver Shrimp offers even the wariest of predators a tit-bit that is hard to resist. The legs and claws are so soft that they vibrate even when the bait is held still. The attractant impregnated into the Waver Shrimps body even adds scent to the realism. Perfect with a small weighted head or fished on a drop shot or Neko rig. This is sure to become a must-have lure for quick session street anglers looking for marauding big perch.

Model Sinking
Weight (g) 2
Qty/pack 8
Size (mm) 70

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