Slim Jim

There’s simply nothing like the Slim Jim sea fishing jig – unless it’s a real, terror-stricken sand eel, of course. He comes to life as soon as he hits the water and his unique swimming action is enough to trigger a feeding frenzy! He can be used at ultra-slow speed, extreme high-speed or anything in between. We’ve included a PE braid assist hook rig and two different bodies - a curltail for a smooth, wormlike swimming action and the paddletail for that oh-so-desirable wounded-panicky- fish action. His shape takes him wuickly to the bottom and gives you superb depth control and perfect balance. The lighter sizes are great for light tackle fishing for monster seabass, cod etc., while the heavier slim jims are the perfect prey for fast swimming saithe or big halibut.

• Active eyes
• Durable paint
• Ultra sharp and strong Japanese-style sea fishing hooks
• Hooks: Single #3/0, Treble #1 (85g)
• Hooks: Single #7/0, Treble #2/0 (340g)
• Excellent depth control
• Two different body styles included
• Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
• PE braid assist hook rig included

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