Illex Crazy Crusher


Destined to become your go-to lure for shallow zones like weed beds and tree lined margins. The head is made from Bismth-Tin (a lead-free eco composite) is preceded by a blade sat at 45 degrees so it can bounce of obstacles whilst still spinning. A generous silicone skirt adds plenty of visual attraction and a pulsating action that starts at the slightest turn of the handle. Fitted with a weed guard to prevent snagging up. Although designed principally as a pike lure the Crazy Crusher has caught plenty of black bass, zander and big perch. We recommend adding a 150 Dexter eel as a trailer if you want to make a bigger lure.

Model Sinking
Weight (g) 14
Depth 0.05-0.50m
Hook 3/0
Qty/pack 1

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