This would be the mother of all chipmunks… swims! It walks! And it does “head knocking” action.
Introducing “CHIPMOM”, the ultimate light game lure, Chipmom was designed mainly for light game fishing style in mind, with the “Knock a head” and “Zig-Zag” action, Chipmom will entices predatory fishes to strike with no hesitation.
With perfect shape design and balancing, Chipmom will sit perfectly on the water and it will perform head knockin’ & “Zig-Zag” action that would drive fish crazy!

You’d definitely have to give Chipmom a try when fishes are less active and tend to prey on slow moving preys.
Chipmom is the ultimate light game lure, it might look small in size but it is certainly big in action!

Weight: 8.0 g.
Length: 4.0 cm.
Hook: 2
Weed Guard: Optional

Recommended actions:
Straight retrieve
Straight retrieve with pause
Twitch with pause

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