Illex Dexter Shad 25cm Red Demon

Illex Dexter Shad 25cm Red Demon

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Dexter Shad
Red Demon


Dexter Shad
Red Demon



Illex Dexter Shad 250
UV Dexter Shad is perfect for freshwater fishing as a cranking shad or as a vertical lure. Impregnated to the core with shellfish 'Nitro Booster' attractant. The rubber used is soft enough to be taken confidently by fish but strong enough to resist being shredded by teeth even of sea fish.

The body shape gives a distinct rolling movement to the lure and the soft tail moves at the slightest nudge on the line. The lure gives off strong vibrations in the water that his find irresistible. The proof is the number of fish each year that are banked on Dexter Shads!

Storlek: 250 mm 90gr

Dexter Shad UV 

The hand pouring process allows Illex to mix two or three colours and add or omit reflective glitter whilst creating layers of contrasting colours that work at different ends of the ultraviolet spectrum. Flavoured to the core with their famous "Nitro Booster" attractant. 

Developed to target specimen pike the dexter Shad is a very realistic looking soft lure flavoured with our trademark shellfish attractant Nitro Nooster. The materials used are very supple and soft yet tough enough to be skipped round overhanging foliage and stand up to the teeth of big fish. The body shape of the Dexter gives off a pronounced rolling action with any form of loaded head. Particularly attractive is the extra large tail that generates strong vibrations on the slightest of movements. Dexter's' seductive action is most effective on linear retrieves and for working round overhanging vegetation and sunken trees where fish will be stationed in gaps between branches.

Action: Rolling
Color: Red Demon
Model: Floating
Size (mm): 250
Weight (g): 88