Strike Pro Guppie & JR

Strike Pro Guppie & JR

Guppie Junior
Length: 11cm
Weight: 65.5g
Version: Sinking
Tensile: 15kg

Length: 13.5cm
Weight: 118.5g
Version: Sinking
Tensile: 27kg

Strike Pro Guppie
The Guppie has been the gold standard for custom glidebaits since 2004. Due to the shape and precision weighting, the Guppie glides with ease on the lightest tap of the rod . Flashing it's sides and wobbling with a slight belly wobble on each pause . Even a straight retrieve sends the Guppie on an exaggerated s-curve that drives big fish crazy!

In addition to the obvious good looks, the Guppie incorporates some unique design features that make it a top fish producer. The Guppie’s compact shape ensures that hook coverage is always maximized. While the convex body shaping from the top to the belly exposes the hook points for better hook sets. The body profiling also adds extra flash and belly roll. The Guppie RT (RT stands for “Rubber Tail”) adds an extra dimension. The Guppie RT features an innovative spring screw at the tail of the bait. Change the dynamics of the bait simply by screwing on or off one of the four optional tail types. Choose between the standard curly tail, one of the two paddle-tail variations or go subtle with the fish tail.

For the past 14 years, the original wood Guppie has only been available to those lucky enough to score on while attending a Muskie or Pike show – before they sold out. Now, through the partnership between TrueGlide and Strike Pro/CWC the Guppie will be accessible through their global distribution network.


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