Westin D360 Distance

D360 Distance
Designed to catch more fish and lose less, this in-line lure is based on a classic that just keeps catching the big ones! Narrower than the original D360° and with more weight in the tail, it allows you to cast to the horizon ? even in a stiff wind - in search of the best fish. It rotates in the retrieve making the big seatrout go wild, and comes in a wide range of irresistible handpainted colours. Just cast it out and watch it go like a fish-seeking rocket!

• Lead Free
• Material: Zinc
• Long cast design
• Durable hand painted detailed colors
• Inline concept ? lose less fish!
• Designed and developed in Scandinavia

Rigging tip: Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying the line to a single or treble hook of your choice. If you prefer a free swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the double-stranded part of the ring.

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