Westin Baby Bite

Baby Bite SR & DR
This chunky little guy is like a snack-size candy bar for perch and bass. Both shallow runner (SR) and deep runner (DR) versions of Baby Bite have very tight swimming actions with just enough craziness to attract even the weariest of hungry predators. The well-tested, low density of the lure means that it stays in the right strike zone longer when you perform a spin-stop retrieve, however it is equally effective with a straight retrieve. This cute little baby will cause chaos as soon as it hits the water - in fact, you may even make a few perch cry, because catching them is just too easy with Baby Bite!

Material: ABS plastic
Lead free
Japanese-style #6 carbon steel hooks
Running depth: SR 1-2m / DR 2-4m
Ultra Sonic rattle balls
Fat profile
Hand painted detailed colors